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Thursday, June 01, 2006

You Picked A Fine Time To Bust Me, Lucille

Songwriter Hal Bynum has an interest in cultivating and apparently, has a pretty lucrative bidness. His neighbor told the cops about the suspicious crops.

Would you tell on your neighbors if you were suspecting they were up to something like that?


Kat Coble said...


IF I just thought they were growing a few plants for their own enjoyment, no. Live and let live and all that.

BUT if there were signs of it being for sale (lots of traffic in and out of the house at all hours of the day and night, numerous gro-lite boxes on the curb) then I'd definitely report it. That's when it gets dangerous to my household and it becomes my business.

SistaSmiff said...

Mr. Smiff seems to think that Hal most likely didn't have the neon sign out front with lots of people coming and going. He is of the mind that he took small bits with him here and there and people knew they could get it from him. I know one time, years ago, Mr. Smiff did a session and the person who hired him offered to pay him in pot. I think he declined because pot doesn't fill a little ones tummy.

saraclark said...

That's not cool. You don't rat out your neighbors unless they are stealing your water and electricity to support the crop. But once you go past the "personal consumption" level you're in a whole different ballgame anyway.
I wonder if he bought his TN Tax Stamp for his crop?

It's so sad, they will lose everything.

Tony Arnold said...

If they are dealing drugs yes. I don't want any drug deal gone bad violence taking out an innocent person in my family or my neighbors. We read about it everyday in all types of neighborhoods.

The majority of shootings and home invasions are drug related (includes alcohol) according to law enforcement agents.

Unfortunately they often injure random, innocent people close by.

Even if they aren't dealing but heavy users, I would be concerned about the influence on my child or potential encouragement of my child to partake. But this one is a little stickier. Not sure I would rat them out, but I don't think I could turn a blind eye to illegal activity.

I am completely anti-illegal drugs. However, I cannot for the life me understand how if alcohol is legal, why pot is illegal. I am not a pot advocate, but it is less addictive than alcohol and no worse on society. Gambling and alcohol create far more havoc on society than pot.

Legalize it and tax the crap out of it.


Brendan said...


I would find some way, any way, to get revenge on the neighbors that turned me in. That's a dirty, dirty thing for this guy's neighbors to have done.

My friend's neighbor, who is 75 and growing for personal consumption, was busted and put in jail, along with his wife who knew nothing about it. they lost everything. A 75 year old man, ferpetesake. And no, he wasn't selling anything.

What an infuriating story. I'm with Tony: legalize and tax. Worked for alcohol...

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