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Monday, June 19, 2006

Not That I'm Anxious For Him To Come Home Or Nothing...

Curious...Mr. Smiff's plane was scheduled to leave Ontario, California at 8:40 this morning. I checked it this morning and it said the flight was delayed. It took off ten minutes late, according to Southwest's website. I checked it a couple hours into it and the website said the flight would be early, about ten minutes. I just checked it again and it now says it's scheduled to land ontime at the original time.

Is it because of clearance...how busy the gate it is? Drunk pilot?


saraclark said...

As someone who used to fly out of Ontario,CA it's the tail wind. You can't always gauge it, but flying back to TN from CA is always faster. 30 min to 1 hr depending on the tailwind.

Plus the drunk pilot turning loose of the wheel and going "Woo Hoo!!" helps too.

SistaSmiff said...

He said it was a very weird, very bumpy landing. He really couldn't describe it. Said it was unlike any landing he's ever had.

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