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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What Age Difference?

I love the internet. The things you can find, by mistake, are my favorite things about the world wide web.

I found this picture of my husband, taken in 1974, when he 14 years old. I have seen other shots taken at this same time, but, never this particular one. The photo was taken by Les Leverett, who was the longtime, official Grand Ole Opry photographer. Les is one of the nicer people I know.

In the photo with the teenaged Mr. Smiff are Alan O'Bryant, later of the Nashville Bluegrass Band and composer of "Those Memories Of You"....the Smiffs and O'Bryant's are kin. Mr. Smiff's Grandma Smiff and Alan's grandad were brother and sister. Mike Hartgrove is the one with the fiddle and my brother in law is the one in the JJ Evans, "Dynomite" hat.

The only time me and Mr. Smiff's age difference is ever mentioned is when stuff like this comes up and we discuss what we were doing in 1974. Mr. Smiff was playing music in clubs til all hours and I was 5 years old, still playing with my Fisher Price Little People and counting along with Sesame Street.


Blogarita said...

Don't let the age difference bother you. In 1974, I was 11. Spouse Guy wouldn't even be born for another 2 years! About the only time we ever notice the difference is when we talk about the songs that were popular during our high school years. Of course, "my" music was way cooler! LOL!

Malia said...

In 1974, I was born.

That's only 9 years. My aunt is married to a man old enough to be her father. In fact one of her "stepdaughters" is either a year younger or a year older than her, I can never remember which.

J. said...

I love age difference stories.

Hubby and I are 11 years apart.
His son and I are 11 years apart.
My mother and him are 11 years apart.

And we were married on the 11th of December.

SistaSmiff said...

My parents were 8 years apart; Mr. Smiff's were 10 years and his maternal grandmother is 10 years older than his father!

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