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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Knuck Watch

According to everybody's favorite Knucklehead, the Mothership will soon be launching. I don't have an official start date but it appears the handicapped ramp is near completion and Uncle Knuck hisself has invited us all to come clog on it. Get on your tap shoes and frilly skirts....I myself can't wait.

I am hoping and praying it's not that God-awful Memphis style of barbecue cause I just don't like it. It's too spicy hot and has that dark sauce. I'm more of the Carolina style and for that, I blame Mr. Smiff and his North Carolina origins for making me thataway.

According to the in law Smiffs, the best place to eat barbecue is a little place called Short Sugars in Mr. Smiff's hometown of Reidsville, NC. It is pretty doggone good and they have some great cheese dogs. I've never had a cheese dog in the state of Tennessee and the only time I ever partake in those delectible delights is when we go east to the Piedmont region.

Here in the greater Naishful area, I dig me some Whitts and Center Point Barbecue (Home of the Three Little Pigs) in Hendersonville is good too.

I have high hopes for the Knucklehead and can't wait to ingest what he promises to be the best ever. So, we have to tell all our friends, neighbors and kinfolk about it.


Sonia said...

I'm a whitts girl all the way.

Blogarita said...

I think ours here (Kansas City area) is more like the Memphis-style than the NC-style, only not necessarily hot. I've never seen a BBQ pork sandwich with slaw on a menu here, but I love them that way!

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