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Sunday, June 04, 2006

At The Cee-Ment Pond

It was a Retro-Wonderland today at the Sumner County YMCA. They had their little Splash Bash, like they do at the beginning of the summer every year. Free hot dogs, free Purity Ice Cream (who knew there was such a thang as "Cookie Buddies?" Not quite as yumtastic as Moose Tracks, but, it did just fine).

Alderman Tommy Elsten brought his DJ stuff out and I don't know what it is about the song "YMCA" that sends normally subdued people into a frenzy of arm-flailing, forming the letters, euphoria. I mean, people go nuts over that song, regardless of age. It's quite amazing. Even #2 goes crazy over it.

I got to thinking how when that song came out, what, in about 1978 or 79, coming up on 30 years ago,whoda thunk that MY children would know it??? I also can't help but laugh to think I thought that the song was REALLY about hanging out and having a good time, working out at the Y, with yer buddies. I guess it is about good times,but, not the kinda good times I thought it was. Ahhh naivete.

Alderman/DJ Tommy was playing LOTS of Beach Boys today too; lots of Motown.. He even played one I hadn't heard since the days of roller boogie'n it at the Brentwood Skate Center..."Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang. I remembered every single word. Do dig the lyrical brilliance:

When you're stung by the rapping ranger
When Silver and I, take a ride
All you suckers better step aside
I sting squaws, then I run away
HIYOO Silver, is what I say!

The days when rap was light and easy....kinder and gentler.

#1 Son displayed an unusual attitude of teen angst towards me and is, at the moment, not conversing with me or acknowledging my existence. I don't know what I did that was so horrible. At least I didn't get up dancing, spankin' the monkey, like I would have liked to do, at the pool. Maybe next time.

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Blogarita said...

LOL! I just had that very conversation about the Village People with someone recently. When they were so popular in the late 80s, I didn't have a clue what they were all about. :)

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