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Monday, June 26, 2006


My church does a little different spin on Vacation Bible School. They do a sports camp, called Crosstrainers, where kids, from completed Kindergarten to 5th grade can pick the sport they want to participate in for the week (basketball, soccer, softball, football, cheerleading, hiking & nature and maybe there's something else I'm forgetting). We open with a time of Praise & Worship in the gym and there's also "Huddle Time". #2 is doing Basketball (poor Coach) and The Beautiful Dawta is helping with the little ones doing arts and crafts.

Yours truly is the official "paparazzi" for the event. I get to walk around and take pictures of all the goings on and last night, which was the first night, was so fun. Perfect gig for an ADDer such as myself who gets bored sitting in one place too long. Hopefully, I can blog some pictures (with the church's most nifty digital camera) later in the week.

Bluegrass Baptist Church is at 235 Indian Lake Blvd. in the happenin' town of Hendersonville. If you live out that way and your kid is interested, come on out.


Kat Coble said...

You go to church with my husband's former boss. Small world!

newscoma said...

Have a great time as the paparazzi

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