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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Now that school is out for the summer, something about me still having to get up at 5:30 a.m. and go to work while the rest of the family blissfully sleeps in just isn't fair and is making my inner Nellie Oleson come out. I've kinda been in a whiny, hands on hips, stomping foot mood the last couple days anyway. Lots of reasons.

I wish I weren't so transparent and could master the art of compartmentalization as well as the Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss does. He is a pro at it. I wish I were like that. I don't ever have to tell anybody I'm in a crappy mood. I wear my crappy moods like an accessory. I hate that about myself.

I know it's hard to believe I'm not just a total joy to live with, but, Mr. Smiff always thinks a crappy mood of mine is his fault. I don't know why he thinks this but he just totally avoids me. I guess he feels like he's safer that way. My current crappy state of mind really doesn't have a whole lot to do with him.

I'll just be glad when it passes. Posted by Picasa

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TGFKASSB - The Gentleman Formerly Known as Sista Smiff's Boss said...

Sista Smiff! i didn't know I was a pro at compartmentalizing! I don't even know if I've spelled it right! But Thanks - (I think).
Ya know - men are comparmentalizers....We've got to have some internal place to store our internal stuff until we need that specific pile of stuff again. We men foks are also "linear" thinkers. Don't throw that new-age multi-tasking thing at us! Let us complete one thing well and then move to the next! Yes m'am!
Ladies tend to have it all going on at once. My lovely wife does this. I call it her "swirling mass/BIG BANG" organization theory. She is a powerful woman that makes things happen - but for the life of me - I can't figure out how. BANG!!! - it's done.
Mine is done in neat little increments.
TGFKASSB - The Gentleman Formerly Known as Sista Smiff's Boss. (That acronym looks kind of "duhrty". Maybe I should find a new name!

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