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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Real Deal

For the CeeC (and anybody else that's interested) here's some Maria McKee, both during and after her days with Lone Justice.

Why she has never been a household name, I do not know. Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is a huge fan and even did one of her songs on Wide Open Spaces. Patty Loveless covered Maria on Don't Toss Us Away and Quentin Tarantino included her on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, one of my favorite Maria tunes If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags).

Maria made me want to move back West so I could hang out at the Palomino. Heh.

Maria McKee & Lone Justice: "1. Ways To Be Wicked - Lone Justice - Maria McKee
2. Don't Toss Us Away - Lone Justice - Maria McKee
3. Shelter - Lone Justice - Maria McKee
4. If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) - Maria McKee
5. East Of Eden - Lone Justice
6. Soap, Soap & Salvation - Lone Justice
7. You Are The Light - Lone Justice
8. Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way) - Maria McKee
9. I've Forgotten What It Was In You (That Put The Need In Me) - Maria McKee"


Busy Mom said...

omg, I LOVED Lone Justice!! Apparently, I had forgotten about them until you said this, I may have to do some song searching.

Rex L. Camino said...

"You Gotta Sin To Get Saved" is still one of my favorites. Her voice blends quite well with Gary Louris.

Sarcastro said...

They had an appearance on SNL back in the day as musical guest. Shatner was the host. It was during one of the more forgettable SNL eras, but Lone Justice made an impact that night.

You Got To Sin to Get Saved and Am I The Only One (Who Ever Felt This Way)are two of my favs.

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