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Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Oddities

A few unusual things today...things that are not the norm;

1. His Smiffness is home from the road and is at the swimming pool with four Smiff kids-our three plus Nephew Smiff. Mr. Smiff is not a swimming pool guy. He stayed home from some studio stuff so he could haul them all there after picking up #2 Son from Bible Skoo. (Some call it Vacation Bible School...I like the Baptist way of putting the "SKOO" in there).

2. I ate my salad today at lunch with a spoon. I had walked all the way back up to my office before I realized I neglected to pick up a fork. Eating salad with a spoon is just, weird. It works, but, it's uncomfortable.

3. I am going to a wedding tonight. I have never been to a Monday night wedding. In our world, that's not really that strange. The groom is a musician and getting married on Monday will assure he doesn't miss any work. Even so, it's still odd. I've been afraid all day I was going to forget.

Speaking of weddings and this doesn't affect me directly in any way, but, I thought it was extremely odd.....my Shishter's supposed "best" friend got married over the weekend and didn't even invite her. Didn't mention it. This, after she walked through a painful marriage and divorce with her, not to mention, gave her a place to stay a good while after she left an emotionally abusive marriage with nothing more than the clothes on her back. It'd be one thing if there would not have been any close friends in attendance, but, there were, except for my Shishter. Something about that is just plain wrong. Apparently, the new bride is the fourth wife of the groom and they held their ceremony in his woodshop.

Speaking of love, why is it, that at 37 years old, the phrase "making love" is something that causes me to snicker and one I can't bring myself to say????? I'm listening to Peter Frampton's "I'm In You" and that line where he says "you and I don't pretend, we make love" causes me to cringe. I have issews with that phrase and I daint know whyyy.


Yer Schister said...

Schister.....since I didn't get invited, that means that I don't have to buy a gift, right? I bet she knew that if I came, (and since it was in a woodshop!!) that I would have easy access to hammers, and would try to beat some sense into her!!!

SistaSmiff said...

My shishter needs her own blog. Dats fo sho.

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