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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good Eatin'

So what do Smiff's do when they are grieving? We shop and eat.

Kohls was having a half off sale on shorts today so me and the Beautiful Dawta mozied on up there and got her some britches.

I had gone to Farmer's Market yesterday and gotten some fresh blackberries and since it turned out I couldn't attend the big Blogger Meat Up at the Mothership, I am making a blackberry cobbler to take to the Motha In Law's, where she has prepared us one of her fabulous feasteses.

Reminds me of my favorite episode of "Roseanne" where Roseanne's father dies. Darlene makes the comment that "Why do people bring food when somebody dies?" Roseanne says "Yeah, not like it helps.....HEY WHO BROUGHT THAT CHOCOLATE CAKE?!"

I'm not comparing losing a pet vs. losing a person. My mother in law does what she does best to comfort us...feed us. That's a nice thing.

Life goes on.

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saraclark said...

Oh man. sniff.. I am verklempt.

I need a cookie.

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