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Friday, June 30, 2006

Mama Bear

I just about had to jerk a knot into a couple of kids last night. Surprisingly, it was not any of my own.

It was the last night of VBS/Crosstraining at the church. #2 participated in Basketball this week. They had a small group and he seemed to have a good time. One of his teenaged "coaches" (I use that term loosely) had absolutely no patience for #2. Beings I was the Picture Lady, I saw a lot and I saw this twit be short with #2 more than once. Because it was a church function and when I let loose on somebody, I tend to use language not becoming a Christian woman, I refrained from giving him a good cussing. He barely escaped a spew of obscenities about how he needed to be a little more patient with my kid. My kid sees nothing but good in people (except his sister). It was more than I could take. I know not everybody gets #2 though. Still. This teenaged shitwad had no business working with K-2nd graders if he had no more patience than that.

This other little boy was not as fortunate as the teenager. I watched the whole thing. Kids all over the gym floor, chaotic, last- night fun. A bigger kid walks up to #2, motions for him to come to him like he's going to tell him a secret and then he yelled in his ear. #2 is highly sensitive to noises (goes with the ADHD) I grabbed hold of little shitmeister and frankly, don't remember what I said to him about how it's not polite to scream in smaller kids' ears. He kept telling me he was sorry. "Tell him, not me", I said, pointing to #2.

In defense of those who don't "get" #2, he can be exhausting. He can be loud. But, he's never mean to anybody. (Except his sister) Not a mean, hateful bone in that kid's body. He doesn't notice anybody's skin color, shortcomings, whether they're ugly or pretty....he thinks everybody is just plain swell.

I guess it's time to get him in boxing or karate so he can defend himself against shitheeled kids like that.

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Sonia said...

man...why do other kids suck so much? Why can't people just teach their kids to be nice. Shit...is it really that hard? I feel really badly for your #2. I'm the same way with noise sensitivity. It just sets me off...and i'm a grown woman.

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