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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Step Right Up, Come On In

I'm a little excited and nervous this morning. I get to meet The Possum today. Oddly enough, a lifetime of hobknobbing with legends, George Jones is one I haven't yet met.

George is going to be recording a little something with Mr. Smiff and the boys today for their upcoming cd on Rounder Records. (Due out August 29) Steve Wariner, Dierks Bentley and piano god Hargus "Pig" Robbins will also be making appearances. The rough cuts I've heard are something else.

What does one say when introduced to George Jones? I don't usually get all messed up when meeting people like that, but, this one messes me up. I probably won't be able to say a thing, which is just as well because I'd probably sound retarded.

I'll be taking some pictures, if I can hold the camera steady. Posted by Picasa


saraclark said...

The Possum rules. A friend of mine cleaned houses for a while to supplement her income and was sent to his house by her service. She didn't know whose house it was, but once she got there(they were gone) and she realized who it was, she sat down in his front hall and just cried and cried. She's not into country at all, but he was her mom's favorite.

She did get to meet him, before she quit cleaning houses. Good luck, sometimes he can be mean, ahem, I mean tempramental.

SistaSmiff said...

From what we understand, he's pretty pumped about this thing today. He's even getting his hair did.

Contrary country singers don't scare me none.

Blogarita said...

What a great opportunity! He's my dad's absolute favorite. I like him just fine myself.

Have fun!

ceeelcee said...

I am in awe! George Jones and Marshall Tucker were the only things that could snap me out of homesick funks when I lived in California.

Have fun.

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