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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back To Skoo

The bus has departed with the middle schooler and now high schooler to deposit them at their respective schools. Wonder what #1 would do if I drove to the school and as he walks in, is met by me, camera in hand, to document his first day of high school?? Reckon how long it'd be before he spoke to me again?

He used to pose dutifully every First Day of School for the annual Clean and Shiny with Backpack picture. The last time he did that was the picture here, the day he started Middle School. He doesn't even bring his school pictures home for inspection anymore. I usually have to wait til the yearbook comes out to see what his picture looked like. Boys are so funny that way.

I have to tell this story....when #1 started 2nd grade, we had a brand new elementary school to go to. We go to the new school, not really knowing anybody there, to meet the teacher and fill out all the first day papers.

There were a lot of people in the room and we had to wait our turn to meet the teacher. I'm sitting at a little desk filling papers out, and #1 is across the room sitting.

I happened to look up and #1 is sitting in this chair, all lounging and comfortable with his hand in his pants...Al Bundy style. I got his attention and I said "STOP THAT!" No problem.

A couple minutes later, I look up again, just in time and as if somebody cued him "NOW" to hear #1 let out a hellatious fart. Right there in the classroom, people all around. Of course, he thought it was hysterical. I was mortified.

I'm quite grateful that #1 has since learned a few manners and am hopeful that he doesn't make quite the explosive entry into his high school as he did his new elementary school back in '99.


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School doesn't start here in Michigan until AFTER Labor Day. You can bet that the silly state legislators who dreamed up this scheme are as out of touch as we think they are. They said more families will take advantage of the long holiday weekend to travel and support our suffering tourist industry. They forgot a few things, like fall sports. Football games now commence way before school starts (isn’t that sick?), and the band and all other fall sports teams are busy with practice and rehearsal and so on. No family with a middle or high school student is going anywhere.

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