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Friday, August 04, 2006

Birthday Salutations

I must pause to give Whiff to Nephew Smiff, who today is celebrating his 20th birthday. True, he is my nephew by virtue of marriage to his "Unc", but, I claim him just the same. I've had the pleasure of watching this young man grow from a 2 year old in training pants through his school years to now, a young adult.

We took the party down to Fuji at Rivergate. The food there is quite good and not as expensive as you will find it at it's more fancy schmancy counterparts. Because it's a little less expensive, the clientele is rather...well, let's just say Jeff Foxworthy talks about them often in his act. (Don't want to come off as the snooty princess everyone assumes me to be..heh)

For example, the people sitting at the table next to us....a couple with a little girl about 2. The mother, a very bleached blonde with a low cut top on. Listening to her talk was something akin to a cross between Anna Nicole Smith and Brittney Spears. As I was pondering her redneckness, she confirmed this when she took a nice, long sip of her margarita (or whatever it was...it was green in a martini glass). The little girl motioned and asked for the cherry. Brittney Nicole reached in the glass, got the cherry out and I'm thinking "She's going to wipe it off before she gives the cherry doused in alkeehol to the youngster) and put it right in that baby's mouth!!! Yes, she did!

Now, maybe it wasn't enough alcohol on it to cause any intoxication, but, am I crazy or ignorant to think that one doesn't give their two year old kid a cherry from a alkeeholic beverage?!?!?

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Sonia said...

wow...redneckness at it's fineness! That cherry was soaked in alcohol. It was probably the equivalent of the child having a glass of whatever it was she was drinking (which sounds like possibly a green apple martini...yum).

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