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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Breakfast In Bed.....sorta

#2 did a sweet thing this morning. He made me breakfast. He sure did.

Lots of Fridays when Mr. Smiff is on the road, #2 will hang out at Grandma's and one of their usual outings is to the Kroger. There's always a bag of groceries that #2 has chosen. Most contain large amounts of fructose and other things ending in "ose." Yesterday, he bought stuff to make S'mores, along with his favorite, chocolate Cookie Crisp cereal and Pop Tarts.

So, this morning, #2 tells me he's making me breakfast. He said these Double Berry Pop Tarts were the bomb..."You will LOVE them" he said, very confidently, as if he had discovered a culinary secret. Now, I like Pop Tarts ok, but, I prefer the less, shall we say, painfully sweet kind,not the ones that cause instant tooth decay. I dared not tell this to my youngest boy because he was quite proud to "fix" breakfast for me.

"Do you like it??!?!?!" he said in his best "He-likes-it-hey-Mikey" voice. I told him that this was indeed, by far, the best breakfast I've ever had. "I KNEW you'd love it!" He was quite proud of himself.

The generosity did not stop there. He and I went to the Y to do a little swimming and sunnin' and along about noontime, he said he was hungry and I gave him some money to go over to the little food trailer they have (Skyview Diner, they call it). A few minutes later, I'm laying there and he comes back, I thought he was done and I told him I needed to reapply his sunscreen. "Oh, I'm not done. I just wanted to bring you this" and he presented me with an ice cold can of my favorite beverage, Diet Dr. Pepper.

I thought that was sweet.


Mo said...

What a wonderful way to start the day!

Dave Morris said...

Sometimes those little surprises are the best part of the day.

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