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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Image Is Everything

We survived High School Orientation last night with a few minor bumps regarding coolness and boundaries. Nobody got hurt and now #1 is pumped about starting school.

It dawned on me this morning....#1 has a thing about us (especially me) being seen in public with him. He's at that age where parents are most uncool and apparently, he's really wanting to give off the image that he's an independent guy. You know, like he has his own apartment and sees his parents on holidays, your average, typical 14 year old swinging, single dude. When they want you to drop them off, and ask you to drop them off a block away, do they want their friends to think that they drove themselves???? I'm beginning to think this is the way it is.

One thing sorta surprised me at Orientation last night. They gave the kids their schedules and let them find all their classes so they wouldn't be so overwhelmed Thursday morning. I was shocked at the number of mom's who were holding the schedule, looking for the class and telling their kid "That's where you go." Mothers...this is not a healthy thing.

#1 ditched me about the time he found his third period class because he wanted to run around with some of his friends. Fine. He claims he found all his classes, but, come Thursday morning, if he did not and he gets lost, it sure isn't going to be my fault. I'm sure he'll try to hang it on me, but, my purpose at the event was to provide, comic, snarkish relief. It is my spiritual gift after all, and what better place than to be snarky than a high school full of Popular Girls and their Popular, Muffia Moms?!?!?


ceeelcee said...

Flashback 1984

High school senior CeeElCee on a college trip to California (fun)
With both his parents (not fun)

Never take your parents with you to anything important between your 12th birthday and your wedding day.

Screamed at the top of her lungs across the dining hall by my mother within earshot of, oh I don't know, 500 of my potential future dormmates.

"Look honey! They've got a taco bar so you can eat healthy and lose a little of that baby fat you still have!"

Must. find. hole. to crawl. in. and die.

SistaSmiff said...

See...I've never mentioned anything of the sort to Tyler. I don't know what I've ever done to cause him to distrust me in public (cept that time I wore my Daisy Dukes while I chaperoned the school dance). There was a hollering mom last night AND a mom missing her two front teeth.

A taco bar so you can eat healthy?!?!?!? You must do a post about Ma Cee. She is hysterical.

Blogarita said...

A true anti-Muffia Mom would've just dropped him off at the door with money for the pay phone when he was done.

(Not that I'd know anything about being a snarky anti-Muffy.)

newscoma said...

I guess we need to do a fundraiser for Cee's therapy bills.

JJ said...

I remember the first day of kindergarten. My older, wiser sisters (one a second grader and one a fourth grader) took me to the end of my hall, pointed towards my classroom at the very end of the hall and said, "See you later." I remember watching so many of my fellow kindergarteners sitting sobbing with their mothers sitting next to them and thinking what losers they were. Cut the cord already people!

SistaSmiff said...

Blog...I would've but as sure as I would've, there would have been some sort of papers for me to sign. Plus, I won't get to peek inside that building til the next orientator, year after next.

JJ-I was surprised how many GIRLS mothers were doing all the looking for them. You expect it with boys. And we wonder why our society is going to hell in a hand basket. We're raising a bunch of ninny babies still tied to their mother's hips.

Sonia said...

Ahhhh flashback! I so remember freshman orientation! And next year I'll be going thru it with my daughter. ack!!!!!!

OH, and I also remember having my parents drop me off a mile a way...I guess I wanted people to think I walked there or something. lol

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