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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Could It Have Been Any Better? I Think So.

I am so bummed to hear that the ultimate in cheatin' song singer, Johnny Duncan, died yesterday.

If you are young or new to listening to country music, you probably aren't familiar with Johnny. He had a string of hits in the 70's and the topic of most of his songs was out and out, blatant cheating, short of coming out and saying "lets get naked and do it"...they were pretty steamy songs for the time. "Thinking of a Rendezvouz" and "Stranger" (the one where a then unknown Janie Fricke echoed him..."shut out the light and leave me") Country radio played the fire out of those songs back in the 70's and it made housewives all across America crazy cause Johnny had him a sexy voice. Sirius radio is big on Johnny Duncan. Their traditional country channel "The Roadhouse" plays a Johnny Duncan song about every 30 minutes.

Now, pipe down, Producer J....I know XM plays Johnny too, however, XM's favorite Johnny seems to be Johnny Bush. They play him every other song at Willie's Place. (What is with all the Texas native country singers named Johnny?)

I used to wait on Johnny Duncan back in my days at Huff's Food Town in Brentwood in the 80's. He was a nice guy and had a really nice wife. Johnny was also cousins with all those various Seals....Dan, John, Brady, Troy....all of 'ems kin.

Speaking of country music Johnny's, I'm glad that Johnny Rodriguez is doing better after being thrown off a horse last week in Texas. Poor Johnny was airlifted and spent some time in the ICU.

J-Rod is another seemingly forgotten and underrated country singer. He did get himself into a little trouble a few years back (seems like he may have gotten into a barfight that resulted in somebody getting kilt) and he even did some time as Willie Nelson's son in law. (I don't think that makes us related)

Some of my favorite country recordings ever are J-Rod songs....he had 15 #1 songs in the 70's......Pass Me By, Riding My Thumb To Mexico, Love Put A Song In My Heart, Just Get Up And Close the Door he cut a good version of That's The Way Love Goes.....all good stuff.

Both Johnny's are/were great country singers. Nashville is sure not nice to its has beens. I hope some of these Sugarlanders, and all these other acts with names I can't remember are saving their earnings and enjoying the spotlight while it lasts.

There was a time when Johnny Rodriguez was the top young act in Nashville. Now, not many can even name you one song he did. Unless I just couldn't find it, CMT.com didn't even mention his accident. That's sad. (I need to remember to scan a great picture of me and Rodriguez. I was really tanned when this picture was made and he and I looked like we could be related)

Music Row could do a lot with some of the Over 45 set. Pop and Rock music is kind to has beens. Gives them a shot to come back, and they often do (Tina Turner, Cher, etc) I bet J-Rod could still cut it. As long he stays away from bars and such. It would make a great reality show. Rodriguez is a funny little guy. Come on, CMT. Let's bring J-Rod back!


Blogarita said...

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

I've noticed that lately, I've been steering clear of country music on the radio. It all sounds the same to me, and it's not very country anymore, IMO.

I don't have Sirius or XM or those nifty music stations on satellite TV, so I'm limited to what I can find to listen to on the computer or my own CDs.

Frank Strovel III said...

I learned of Johnny's passing on SIRIUS' Roadhouse channel today after I finished my own show. Bummer, indeed.

Needless to say, I'm breaking out all his hits for tomorrow.

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