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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pardon Me, Mitch

I had the fun opportunity to get to visit and hang with part of the Channel 2 crew tonight at the Station Inn. I happened to see Mitch Roberts milling around and I said howdy and he sat with Yours Truly and the Smiff Kids and didn't seem to be too frightened by us.

That Mitch is a nice feller. He said he had been to Chuck E. Cheese earlier in the evening with his little ones and because he was somewhat shellshocked from that experience, he had to get out and hear some music. I think he made a wise choice in choosing to come hear the Grascals.

Being a quasi-singer/musician type myself, I think I have some sort of radar in spotting others who play and sing that you don't know play and sing. Mitch had that 6th sense thing about him that kind of tipped me off that perhaps he is a music guy and I was correct. Part of why he moved here from Las Vegas was to do the music thing.

Mitch isn't the first Channel 2 guy to be a singer/musician in their other life. Seems Davis Nolan plays and who remembers Brian Christie, who was the Singing Weatherman back in the 70's??? Brian ended up being on CNN and is in San Diego now, but, he had a little notoriety way back in his Channel 2 days when Lamar Alexander went into office a little early, tossing out Ray Blanton. He wrote and performed a song called "Pardon Me Ray"which I believe was to the tune of "Chattanooga Choo Choo."

Good times...great music. Crappy Governor.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

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ceeelcee said...

Oh Sista!

You have got to control comments like this.

On a related note, I am running for Sweet Potato Queen of Donelson and would appreciate y'all's support.


Sharon said...

All I can say is poor Whitney.

Tony Arnold said...

What do you mean crappy Governor? When Ray was Gov, anyone could buy a liquor license. Now that is Democratic!

ceeelcee said...

I noticed my copy of the Tennessean reprinted yesterday's club listings page in its entirety. I hope a bunch more people didn't head back to the Station in looking for your man.

Tennessean=rigorous journalism...not.

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