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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Concerning My Coif

This morning at church, a lady I've known for more than ten years, who is a hairdresser, and I were chatting. She reaches up and starts messing with my hair. Messing, as in trying to fix it. "I hope you don't mind me doing this. This one little piece just looked a little freaked out."

What I wanted to say was "Don't. Touch. My. Hair." I didn't remember it being "freaked out" before I left my mirror an hour or so before. Even if it was sticking straight up like the Cowlick From Hell, still. I thought it was a little rude of her.

This lady is a good hairdresser. I used to go to her about ten years ago. She knows her way around some scissors and can fix you right on up. She owns her own hair place in Hendersonville and has a large clientele. The reason I stopped going to her was because she was slightly condescending. For example...I had gotten a perm at Castner's (remember when Castner's was a good place to get your hair done?) a couple months or so before I started going to her. It was not a bad perm. I didn't look like I had stuck my finger in a socket, nor were the ends breaking off in pieces. It was a perm. It did its job.

She began to refer to that particular perm I had as a "Home Perm." She didn't do that once. She ALWAYS referred to my "Home Perm" every single time I was in her chair and it pissed me off. I'd correct her and say "It wasn't a home perm", but, she never failed to insult my chemically induced coif. I'm of the mind that it's a little on the non-professional side to badmouth whoever did your hair before they did. Right?

She has complemented me recently on my hairdo and claimed "Whoever is doing your hair does a good job." Yeah. At least I've stopped getting those HOME PERMS! Gah.


newscoma said...

I have really curly hair, BUT when I was 15 I wanted to be apart of the in-crowd and got a perm.
OMG ... I looked like a match.
It was not of the good.

ceeelcee said...

I just wish my forehead wasn't in some sort of race to meet my neck.

SistaSmiff said...

I think you should consider a mullet or go back to the mohawk.

Dave Morris said...

This is why I always skip church!


Blogarita said...

I will never get a perm again. No matter who does it, it comes out looking like Bob Ross' hair.

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