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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Young Love

The gentleman lovingly holding the infant was announced this morning as one of the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame.
It is about. Damn. Time.
Sonny James is one of the bonafide greats in country music. Until Alabama came along and broke his record, he held the record for most consecutive number one records for years and years. (I think it was something like 21).
For the record, that is not me Sonny is holding. That is my sister. We have home movies of this particular moment and I wish I were technologically up to date that I could put it on the blog. It is one of the sweetest things you'd ever want to see. The film has him singing to her, rocking back and forth...very sweet especially considering how back in the OLD days, when this was taken, men didn't mess with newborn babies much and Sonny has never had children of his own. This was at my parents house in California in 1966. Whoops..told her age. At least she can't accuse me of putting a non-cute picture of her up here.


Anonymous said...

I agree that it is a good thing.
And about time.
Yeah, Sonny!!

Sis shouldn't care about the pic and date. That is so neat. Did you get one taken in his lap? I would be jealous to this day if I hadn't...-grin- and he probably was singing 'Young Love"???

And as I just chided Frank, though I have some precious tapes laying out in the storage building cooking and freezing as the seasons change...Yeah, kick me...
These things do age and become brittle and useless, cept as landfill and mental memories only, something that you can't SHOW the grandkids. So we all need to get busy. I did get a DVD recorder for Christmas, but like you, am not able to read the directions, let alone do anything with it...-grin-

Ah, well...something else to regret that I did not do, as I get old, ....well okay then, older.


Sharon said...

I didn't get my picture made in his lap that day because I was still 2 1/2 years away from being born. I've had lots of pictures with legends. Maybe I'll get to go to the Medallion Ceremony in the spring and get my picture then.

Sonny & Doris were always known for sending great Christmas cards. They have them on his website www.sonnyjames.com.

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