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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Unadvisable Things To Say To Sista Smiff on a Sunday Night

A conversation was held in my home earlier this evening, about ten til 7... that went something like this:

#1 Son-Uh, Mom....we have this assignment where we have to make a car that's balloon powered with wheels made out of something other than wheels.

Mom-(In best June Cleaver/Carol Brady) Well, that's interesting, Son. When is this due?


Mom-What?!?!?!! Tomorrow?!?!?!?!

#1 Son-I told you about it today while we were at El Rodeo.

Mom did not recollect any of this conversation. I mean, a crowded, Mexican restaurant on a Sunday after church is not the best place to inform your mother of something like this....am I right here? I don't keep balloons lying around the house. We don't have many water balloon fights around these parts.

#1 must get this from his aunt who when in 2nd grade, waited until the night before to let my mother know she needed a turkey costume...the next day. Difference in that is she was in 2nd grade...this is a high school freshman who has his sights set on a Vanderbilt college education.

All the moms with little tots with their sippy cups and naps, feeling exhausted....I wish I could tell you it gets easier and you are less fatigued and worn out when they have their own razors and learners permits. I have found it to be the exact opposite. I didn't know how good I had it when they were little.


Kerry Woo said...

Didn't you pass that subject last year? You're lucky this time around as it didn't involve poster board, construction paper or a presentation board.

SistaSmiff said...

I probably did, Kerry. It tends to come up with this kid every so often.

John H said...

You are giving me deja vu whiplash, Sista...My daughter seemed to actually plan ahead, but my two sons were always coming up with something they had to have from some ridiculous store the night before the assignment was due.

My favorite was 10:00 Sunday night when Evan admitted that he had a book report due the next day and was wondering if we could go to Blockbuster a rent the movie based on the book...sheesh

Glad those days are gone, and you are right, it only gets more 'interesting' in the high school years!

Michelle O'Neil said...


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