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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just Breathe

Last night and this morning have been long. This bronchial thing got me a little scared last night. When I'd try to lie down, I couldn't breathe. Then I'd get all nervous and that made it worse. It seems to have broken up somewhat this morning but I still have that hit by a Mack truck feeling.

We did get word this morning that Mr. Smiff's 92 year old Granny passed away. Although when one is 92 and hasn't been the person we knew for quite awhile, death doesn't come as a shock, it's still a little jarring, especially for Mr. Smiff.

Things like this can throw us off guard, but, nice to know God isn't thrown off by it. It just so happens that Mr. Smiff and band are scheduled to be in North Carolina and Virgina this weekend so he will be able to fulfill her wishes that he sing at her funeral. Had this been last weekend, he'd have been in Michigan so...He covers the details for us.

I will write a more fitting tribute to Granny later when I'm not under the influence of narcotics and can do her justice. She is quite worthy of a good tribute, as she was quite the character. (I'm sure that's not a shock either seeing her daughter )

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Busy Mom said...

I am sorry for your family's loss and I hope you are feeling better soon.

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