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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Country Radio

If you like you some old time, traditional country music and are frustrated cause you can't hear it much on the radio (WSM, while great plays the same songs over and over, too) take you a listen to KKUS Radio in Tyler, Texas.

Mini Cee brought up the late T. Tommy Cutrer yesterday and there were a number of country DJ's from that era, like, Hugh Cherry, Dad, Joe Allison, Squeakin' Deacon and others, who were very important in their markets. Unfortunately, they're all gone, BUT, there is one who is still at it and has a regular show every weekday morning on KKUS and that is the fabulous Tom Perryman.

Tom has been around since dirt and was very instrumental in careers of people like Jim Reeves, Jim Ed Brown, Elvis...if you like that sort of thing, go listen to him live.

I don't know that XM or Sirius' traditional, old time stations ever play Patsy Montana's "I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart", but, Tom does. How fun is that?


Frank Strovel III said...

The other day I played Minnie Pearl's "How To Catch A Man" and got more phone calls that I've had over a song in a long time.

J. said...

Patsy's song has played on both Willie's Place and America within the past month. ;-)

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