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Friday, August 04, 2006

Blue Ain't The Word For The Way That I Feel

The shindig at the Country Music Hall of Fame last night, celebrating the new Ray Price exhibit was fantastic. Even more fantastic was the fact that Sista Smiff met and chatted with The Cherokee Cowboy himself. (I will have a photo to prove it here in a couple days)

Ray is one of those legends that when you are face to face with, you are kinda speechless and in awe, at least I was. He lit up, as much as Ray can light up (very low key, that Ray) when he found out whose daughter I was and reminisced a bit about how far they went back.

The exhibit itself is really nice, although I must admit, I didn't experience the whole thing because it was hotter than hades in there, but, I saw some great clips of him singing, some outfits and all the regular stuff they have in those sorts of things.

I saw old friends like Jay Orr, Alan Stoker, John Rumble, Leigh Anne Wise, Charlie Douglas, Jo Walker-Meador, Earl Scruggs, Bob McLean, Kyle & Becky Cantrell; sat at the table with Hal Ketchum and his wife; chatted with Kirt Webster, Chet Flippo, Robert K. Oermann and his wife, Mary Bufwack; my blog/email pal Producer J from XM Radio; John Carter Cash and his wife Laura; steel guitar great Don Helms; I could've sworn that Irving Waugh was no longer amongst the living, but, apparently, he is, because he was there. Same with songwriter Danny (Long Black Veil) Dill. Coulda sworn he'd done gone to Glory, but, no. Charlie Dick, widower of Patsy Cline was also there in all his glory. Heh. Charlie Dick. How'd you like your last name to be "Dick?"

'Twas a fun evening. I was thrilled to get to chauffeur my mother in law to the gathering. I was thrilled to be able to leave #1 Son in charge of #2 so I could get out for a bit.

Even happier I got to stand next to greatness like Ray Price. Do enjoy this classic clip from the mid 50's of Ray, along with the most awesomeist twin fiddling by Tommy Jackson and Dale Potter.


Aunt B said...

Don't tell anyone, but I would pay good money to have a ring tone on my phone that was Jay Orr saying "Now, Miss Betsy, you'd better get that." He and Bob Cramer over to the Hall of Fame just have the nicest voices.

SistaSmiff said...

Jay Orr is the only man I know that has not changed even the slightest bit in the 20 years I've known him. Nice feller, that Jay and yeah...I'm inclined to agree with ya on that voice thing.

Frank Strovel III said...

Not only was your recap of the Ray Price event a great read but I found a great new blog to read in Producer J.

As you know, I'm a SIRIUS man but her blog is a nice find. Many thanks.

SistaSmiff said...

Producer J. does do a great job blogging, doesn't she? I don't know of anybody else in her field that does a regular blog like that. Always a fun and interesting read and she's cute as a bug, too.

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