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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Sickly Governor

Did you see the Guvna's press conference? Bless his heart...he was looking right poorly still. He's very thin and pale...eyes sunk in his head. His voice sounded weak but he claimed to feel "great" today. Whatever he had or has...it has had him whipped. Poor guy. It makes me want to cover myself in tick repellent.

They were asking him all kinds of questions about why he didn't do this or that and he finally told them that yes, he's an elected official but everybody wants some sort of privacy. I was thinking he had something terribly wrong with him like cancer or Lou Gehrig's or something. They even tested our Governor for Parvo! Apparently, they still don't know what the exact problem was.

Remember when the news people talked about Jimmy Carter's hemorroid journey and Ronald Reagan's prostate cancer procedure? I wouldn't want Demetria Kalidomos or even worse, that homely Greta Van Susteren, discussing my latest pap smear and I bet CLC would not want Neil Orne or Katie Couric describing his recent testing experience.

The Governor's biggest concern was getting better in time for his son's wedding this weekend. I hope he'll be in good shape to toast his only child's marriage and I'm glad he appears to be on the road to getting better.

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