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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Fishin' Hole

#2 had his very first ever fishing experience Saturday. Cousin Brent was nice enough to take him to Campbell's Pond. #2 proceeded to catch three fish, in rather short order. Brent was amazed that #2 caught three fish in about 20 minutes time when he said he'll sit out there for hours and not catch anything.
Get a load of this scenery, would ya? The yellow house behind the pond was built by Mr. Smiff's great-grandfather in 1908. Hazel was raised in that house (no electricity or running water then). Cousin Patti restored the home about 20 years ago and lives there with her family.

4 Generations of the family have lived, worked and played on all this land. The house on the other side of the old house was Granny's house. One uncle lives across the street there and another on the other side of the pond. The road they live on is named after the family. Quite a heritage in Caswell County.

Funny thing about Caswell and Rockingham Counties is that my ancestors also lived there. There are still Collie's and Nickell's roaming around that whole area, up into Virginia.
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