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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bring Your Kid To Work Day

Today is "Bring Your Kid To Work Day" at my place of employment. It's nice they do this for the employees and their kids. They have activities, crafts, recreation, etc. There are kids out the wazoo here, including two of mine.

It's chaos. It's a circus. The employees who have brought their chilluns to work will get nothing accomplished and will need a good, stiff drink by noon.

We're in this program they had earlier. They're singing these little songs for the kids, people flailing arms, dancing, having a big time. Normally, #2 is all over some singing and dancing. I guess it's the overstimulation, his sensitivity to noises, but, he was totally tuned out. My daughter, who insists on coming, was too cool to participate.

In the middle of the chaos and noise, #2 leans over, taps me on the shoulder and motions for me to put my ear down so he can tell me something important. Surely it has to do with the cool songs or the activity surrounding the day.

"Mom....let's leave Santa Claus cookies and milk this year. He likes those."

Sure thing. ??????


ceeelcee said...

I wondered where you were. I suggest humane leg shackles.

Anonymous said...

#2 cracks me up!! That boy is a hoot.

Blogarita said...

I think they should have a "bring your kids and make them do your work while you take a two hour lunch day". Fun for everyone!

SistaSmiff said...

My daughter said she is really tired of people saying "Have yew got our helpers with you today?!?!" or "Have you come to help Mom today?!?!?"


J. said...

You didn't mention that Mista Smiff brought #1 with HIM to work today. At least I assume she was #1. Mista Smiff, being the man that we all know men to be, didn't introduce her to us. She might have been a lost tourist who didn't know how to escape the fishbowl.

She was bored senseless, poor girl.

SistaSmiff said...

She is simply The Daughter, The Dawta or The Princess. #1 title belongs to the oldest boy.

I think she likes slipping in and out, hopefully unnoticed, since she is painfully shy. Mostly, she likes getting to peek into Dad's world. She's starting to remind me of me at that age, trailing my dad to different things, observing and soaking everything in.

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