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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Bluegrass Documentary

Since I got the new Beta version of Blogger, it doesn't appear to want to let me put You Tubes up so I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way and use a link.

As you are probably wo' out from hearing, Mr. Smiff and the Grascals have a new cd out this week. A mini-documentary was done on the making of the cd. It is very cool. Features Dierks Bentley, Lloyd Green, The Jordanaires and some guy named George. Go watch it. As usual, there's not enough Mr. Smiff but he shows up. So does that damn dog of Dierks'. I swear, Jake the Dog got more face time than Mr. Smiff. It was more the Jimmy Mattingly Show than anything.

The best part is when George is cutting his stuff and the guys reaction in the control room.


J. said...

No way! The Grascals have a new CD out???

SistaSmiff said...

Since people like Tim McGraw and Fairy Chesney have seemingly made all the money in the music business, the real musicians have to get out there and pander...I have kids to feed. I'm sick of being a poor musicians wife.

Blogarita said...

LMAO! A new (and oh-so-fitting) name for Turtle Boy!

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