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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No Wonder They Think We're Hicks

I should be passed out, zonked in the bed, but, I can't sleep.

Instead, I'm pondering this. It puzzles me.

Troy Gentry , the better looking part of country duo Montgomery Gentry(or Tra-way as we say in Sumner County) was indicted. When I first saw that, I just assumed he was either:

a. drunk
b. high
c. propositioning male prostitutes in a park
d. getting in a fight at a girlie club ala Kid Rock

Why can't Tra-way be a normal country music person and get busted for one of those things?? No...Tra-way goes out and buys this black bear. Brings it home. Puts it in a cage or something. Shoots it with an arrow. Kills it to make it look like he caught it in the wild.

This, to me, is even more bizarre than Phil Bredesen getting bit by a tick and having to go to the hospital. Phil Bredesen gets ticks on his person, too? I thought maybe all his bazillions would act as some sort of repellent.


newscoma said...

I hope you get to feeling better, Sista.

Blogarita said...

"propositioning male prostitutes in a park"

ROFL! I've been wondering about that boy.

Blogarita said...

And you might as well just admit it. Eddie's the better looking of the two. ;)

grandefille said...

Speaking as a distant relative of that boy, I can assure you that it is common for some people of that last name to go as wildly afield as they can to flout what they perceive as stupid and useless laws, usually involving firearms and/or alcohol. Apparently there's a genetic predisposition to fight authority in extremely roundabout and obscure ways.

Thank you for the "park" comment. Hee. I would've added "stealing a cop's horse," "driving drunk through McDonald's drive-through" and "shoplifting a Harry Potter book," too.

I don't want to know HOW the Guvnor got bit by a tick. That's all I'm sayin'.

More importantly, GET WELL SISTA. Although the Bronchosol treatments (with 100% oxygen!) are a great head rush.

Lynnster, yeah said...

Sorry to read you're feeling so under the weather... bo fun being sick in the summertime! Hope you improve and get to feeling better real soon!

Lynnster, yeah said...

(LOL... that should have, of course, said "no fun", not "bo fun"... heh.)

SistaSmiff said...

My daughter's third grade teacher got caught and arrested in the park a couple years ago for trying to buy some boy love. (Male teacher, for the record). Weren't none of us exactly shocked about that.

Ty Herndon was a little shocking. Who remembers Ty's days as a Belmont Reason when he was REALLY hot...they'd go around to schools and churches and just sing their little hearts out. All the teen girls just swooned over some Ty. HA! Little did we know.

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