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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Stuff

I broke down and called the doctor about my under the weatherness. Figured by now, I oughta be feeling some better, but, I'm not. I'm pretty sure I've got the dreaded "B" word, as in bronchitis. My coughs are resembling that of a very old person and my head is still full of gunk.

I had the option of a 9:45 appointment or a 10:45 appointment. I chose the latter. One reason is that when I talked to the doctor's office, I was about 10 after 9. My head has not seen the shampoo since Saturday (I'm ripe, I tell you). I'm not one that takes hours to get ready to go somewhere, but, figured after sickliness and all for that many days, I'd need a good rinsing.

The main reason I opted for the 10:45 appointment is that the nominations for the upcoming IBMA awards will be announced at 10. (It will be broadcast live on XM Radio's Bluegrass Junction). Mr. Smiff and the band won't be up for any recording awards, like album of the year since their cd doesn't come out til the end of the month. I hope they'll get some noms for Group of the Year and things like that.

What I REALLY am hopeful for, more than any of the other awards is that Mr. Smiff gets in the final five for Bass Player of the Year. I don't care if he wins it as much as I'd like for him to be recognized with a nomination. He's been playing bass since he was just a little feller in North Carolina. Marty Raybon says he's the "Cadillac of Bass Players"....smooth as they come.

Either way, I know awards are largely political. I'd still like to see my old man get recognized. I'm also hopeful that my brother in law will get a Song of the Year nomination for a song he co-wrote called " Echo Mountain" that did pretty well in the bluegrass world this year or for one of the other brilliant songs he's had cut lately.

We'll see here in a little bit.

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