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Monday, August 07, 2006


Out of the three Smiff kids, #1 Son gets the least amount of Whiffing. I don't know why that is, for he is certainly Whiffable. It could be that he's gotten to that age where he neither requires nor desires my presence as much as he used to. He is certainly, and has always been, how do I say it without sounding like a horrible mother, less demanding than either of his siblings.

Even when he was just a little bitty feller, a year old w when I was pregnant with his sister, he'd be content to stay in his playpen and watch CMT, nonstop, so I could rest. He's just always been easy to deal with. Even in the nursery at what was then Westside Hospital, now Centennial, a nurse informed me I had a laid back child. "He is low key", she said.

This is a big week for #1. He begins High School Thursday and will be headed over to Freshman Orientation tonight to get his schedule and have an idea where to go when he gets there later in the week.

Yes, yes.....I know what you're thinking... Sista Smiff is entirely too young to have a child in high school. I do agree. The years are a'flyin' by and it definitely leaves such a young mother, like myself, with some odd, mixed emotions about the whole deal.

I'm quite proud #1. I know he'll do well in high school. I know one thing...he shore as hell better hit those books and make some good grades so he can get some scholarship money in a few years. He certainly has the potential and the smarts. Get him going sometime on the history of World Wars I & II. He could be on one of those documentaries they show on the History Channel.

The timing is good for #1 to get a nice mention in his Grandmother's column on CMT this week. She tells the same story I told here last weekend. He'll get a nice kick out of it. Posted by Picasa


ceeelcee said...

#1 is named after T. Tommy?! I remember him as the emcee of the Great Lakes of the South Outdoor Show every year. I was always afraid of the trapeze acts, (empathetic fear of heights-post to come later) and I remember how dramatic his deep voice made every toss and catch.

Which is probably a good thing seeing as I couldn't see any of any of the act. I would usually be hiding in a model camper somewhere...

Congrats to Tyler. Don't let him grow up to be a wuss like Uncle Cee.

SistaSmiff said...

He is. Just the Thomas part. When I was pregnant, we knew it was a boy but couldn't think of a name. Right before he was born, a friend of mine said "I think you should name him 'T. Terry', kinda kidding like, but, the more we thought about it, T. Thomas was pretty cool.

We didn't think we could name the baby after my dad, who was pretty near death (Hiram Abiff is not a good name for a little boy) we figured the next best thing would be to name him after one of his dearest friends.

Tommy was the voice of a lot of things..Vietti Chili, being one and he was a State Senator. The first time he ran, he lost out to a young Al Gore.

My only rural experiences as a kid were at his farm in Cottontown.

Hmm...Mini Cee...you may have inspired me to do a post all about Tommy. He was a pretty interesting guy.

ceeelcee said...

Didn't he have a wooden leg?

SistaSmiff said...

Why, Mini Cee...your trivia on T. is quite impressive.

He did indeed have a wooden leg. He was in a bad car wreck on his way to Nashville to see about a job at WSM when it happened. He was actually tagged and everything.

One time...I had taken my daughter to the doctor when she was a baby and we ran into his daughter and he was in the hospital (next door) and she wanted me to take the baby up to see him. I go in the room and we're talking and I turn around and his leg was laying in the window. Scared the bejeebus out of me.

Anonymous said...

>>He was actually tagged and everything.

Not sure what you mean here. Was the accident so bad that he wasn't thought to be alive...as in toe-tagged??
sort of creepy to think about...


SistaSmiff said...

They thought he was dead at first and I believe the story was at the hospital somebody just happened to see him move a little.

Somebody else that happened to was songwriter/musician Bobby Wood...he's written a buttload of hit songs and played on even more big records, but, he was in a bad wreck and he was tagged or they pronounced him dead or something. He ended up losing an eye in his.

Geez...why is it I know DOA's?

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