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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

G As In....

Of the many touching moments over the weekend, this one right here, to me, was one of the sweetest.

Everyone had gone back into the church Fellowship Hall and the grave people were at work finishing up. Nobody was at the gravesite, except 6 of the 11 great grandchildren. They were standing there, very still, very quiet (even #2!). These are some fantastic kids. They loved their great-grandmother dearly. It was almost like they were going to stay with her until the very last minute. She would've loved this.

True, the kids were probably curious about the whole burial process (#2 grilled the grave workers about every step they were doing. They loved it.) They stayed til the last clump of dirt was placed. It was sweet.

While they were watching, someone asked what the "G" in the masonic symbol on their Great Grandfather's stone meant. Cousin Danny is a mortician and a mason and he said he could not tell us what it meant. Now, my Dad was a mason and he always told me that the G stood for "God." Danny laughed when I said that. He informed me that my dad was saying that to pacify me because that's not what it means. All that masonic stuff is so secretive.

Kinda like Fred G. Sanford...the G stands for Gorgeous....or something like that.

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