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Monday, August 07, 2006

Driving Lesson Gone Bad

Stuff like this makes me a bit afraid to start teaching my teens to drive. #1 will be 15 on his next birthday so I'd better get at it.

Seems that most people I talk to learned to drive as kids, including myself. I can remember being as young as about 7 or 8 and sitting in Dad's lap and we'd ride around the neighborhood. He'd have his feet on the pedals but I would steer. As I got older, I did the pedals and became the excellent driver I am today. (So far, I've never gotten a speeding ticket).

I think the teach them early method is better. Maybe we've just gotten so busy in our current society or too wimpy and helmet crazed. The public schools don't even offer Driver's Ed anymore. At least ours doesn't.

If any of my kids kill me while I'm teaching them to drive, I will be, as that great philosopher and Friend of Smiff, Raymond E. Huffmaster would say....pissed right ON off. I will refuse to speak to them in Heaven.


Dave Morris said...

Never? Ever? Gotten a speeding ticket?

You need to LIVE, sistah.

Blogarita said...

You and my mom are the only people I know who've never gotten a speeding ticket. Hope you didn't just jinx yourself.

As for driver's ed, check around. When my daughter was 15, we looked around a bit and found a handful of schools still offering it, either for free or for a fee. One of them let her into the class, although she was in a different school district.

SistaSmiff said...

I didn't say I've never gotten a ticket at all..just no speeding ones. The others involved moving violations of various sorts..ok, all two of them.

saraclark said...

My dad claimed that driving the lawnmower around was excellent car driving practice. We even had to parallel park the thing, when we finished.

My official driving test consisted of piloting the car around the courthouse square in our town. The only tricky part was remembering which corner had the 4 way stop sign. I failed the written test so many times, I'm fairly sure a bribe was involved for me to finally pass it. Ohh small towns.

Besides, it's not the speeding tickets you get, it's the ones you get out of that count.

chrisyub said...

We've had one go through Driver's Ed and two be parent taught, and I would definitely recommend going the driver's ed course. It's just all around easier.

Busy Mom said...

You've hit on my big soapbox. My kids will learn to drive as soon as they are physically able. I want them to have as many hours behind the wheel as possible before they get a license.

Also, I (even as a "good" kid) had more than one instance in high school where the driver, an older teen, had been drinking at our destination, and, I was the only other person in the car who knew how to drive.

newscoma said...

I drove around a courthouse too.
But I learned how to parallel park in Montreal to avoid HUGE parking lot fees.
I can parallel like a maniac, but I can't remember where my keys are most days.

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