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Monday, September 11, 2006

At The Bus Stop

#1 Son had a little bit of an issue getting on the bus this morning. Seems there was a substitue driver and apparently, the driver did not see #1 and shut the door on his hand. #1 was saying, no, hollering, "Excuse me!" and had to run alongside the bus until it opened. He was slightly miffed (understandably) and the Sub had the balls to say "You don't have to be so mean about it."

It was only his hand. That would cause me to be slightly irritated as well. I'm just glad my boy didn't lose his limb trying to get on the friggin school bus.

Ok, who remembers the little guy that used to do the Bus Report on the Ralph Emery Show? Gil Gilliam? (I know Busy Mom and CeeElCee will) He was a teenager and I believe he had some sort of Muscular Dystrophy. He was something of a local celebrity and even appeared in W. W. and the Dixie Dance Kings, a movie Hazel makes a small appearance in and a movie I saw a scene filmed when I was about 4.

Lordy, the women were screaming (my mother included) over Burt Reynolds. I have pictures somewhere of this event. Why has this movie never showed up on DVD?

One of the more random posts I've ever written. From my kid nearly losing a hand to the Bus Report to Burt Reynolds.


Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Dang, I would have been murdering a substitute bus driver if I were you, heh.

ceeelcee said...

Wasn't Gil the little Tattoo lookin' guy who had a few kidney transplants.

Man, they had some characters on the Emery Show.

R*belle said...

I hope his poor little hand is ok!

Busy Mom said...

omg, completely forgot about Gil! I watched Ralph Emery religiously.

SistaSmiff said...

That's it, C. He had kidney problems and that's why he was small. He was a teenager (I think) and he really was not bad on the air. I think Ralph had him on the radio with him some, too.

I got the story straight. The Daughter had it "slightly" overembellished. #1 said he was about to get off the bus and for some reason the Sub Driver shut the door on his hand and temporarily went deaf and couldn't hear him saying "Sir...excuse me, Sir..."

grandefille said...

Glad y'all got it figured out. Tell the kiddos to be careful, though; bus drivers can't hear anything with all the yelling.

I still can't ever drive past the foot of Vultee Hill without thinking of them driving around and around that restaurant. I think it's a Mexican restaurant now; was it a Roy Rogers back then?

I. Am. Old.

But not as old as Tom Grant.

P.S. I desperately want that CD collection that Ralph Emery advertises. Woo!

Sista said...

Did we ever have a Roy Rogers restaurant here in Nashville??

My "little" boy is about 6'1. He didn't seem to bear any scarring. He was pissed off more than anything else.

One time, years ago at a Fan Fair event, I thought Tom Grant was Lee Greenwood (Lee was hot then, pre God Bless The USA) and had my picture made with him.

Whorrie, I mean, Lorrie Morgan almost ended up like Tom, Darlene Austin and Diane Sherrill til she got her hooks into Keith Whitley.

I love that commercial Ralph does. I'd like to have all of those songs in one place myself.

happy woman said...

It might interest you all to know that Tom, Darlene and Dianne are all doing quite well and very happy. Tom has a great new CD.

The Emery Show is legendary and the magic of that cast was great. -not bad for "old" people!

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