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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Even Baptist Women Want To Know....

This is a family blog here and I suppose it's not fittin' for a Southern Baptist woman, such as myself, to be asking such a question in a public forum, but, I must.

These commercials they run for Viagra and it's ED prevention bretheren....the one where the guy is watching the big game on tv and the Mrs. gets a little randy and heads towards the bedroom and he has to decide whether to continue watching football or using that groovy invention called the VCR and go for a shag.

Then, they cut to Dr. Richard Edwards (not his real name. Just a little joke from me. Heh. Get it? No extra charge for that one) the one where that doctor, with a straight face, goes over all the possible side effects of Viagra and then warns of possible injury and for the love of Ron Jeremy, get straight to the ER if you experience an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

I didn't know it was possible for something like that to go on for 4 hours. I mean...does that happen?

Frankly, I'm glad we've come around to discussing personal things about the menfolk in our advertising. We've had to endure those horrible, feminine hygiene product commercials forever. Ugh...all those horrnedous "Mom...do you sometimes not feel fresh?" commercials.


wstaple said...

Tony Kornheiser from ESPN's Monday Night Football used to have a radio show. He talked about this very issue on his show one day. Tony said that if that happened to him for more than 4 hours he would sell tickets for the event.

grandefille said...

SNL had a *gross* parody of these commercials that concluded, "If you experience an erection for more than four hours, call your friends and brag about it."

I think the real ad with the two slightly older guys (mid-50s) talking about medical conditions and side effects causing their ED is much more pleasant, more useful, less lecherous and kinda cute. The second guy with diabetes who's trying to take a self-portrait with his wife and giggling is just precious. I found myself saying, "You go, daddy! You and mama have fun!"

Yes, I am strange.

Anonymous said...

The word of the day is "priapism" look it up for medical explanations. Allegedly the 4 hr event is supposed to be painful and not good.

I sat in on a training meeting with nurses and medical writers on Monday and the topic was how to approach and develop educational materials for men who are taking these ED medications and supplements while on heart medications and dying. Lots of men dying from this and completely ignoring all the warnings about mixing these two medications. The women in the room just could not figure out the driving motivation to take something that you are told repeatedly might kill you, just to get an erection.

The discussion about alternative means of sexual satisfaction between two willing partners did devolve down into giggling though.


Dave Morris said...

When I was younger, 4 hours was nothing. Nowadays, 4 minutes is pretty good, 4 hours is a waste.

If 4 hours happened today, I would be far too busy to phone the doctor.

PS - I hate when I'm this busy, I haven't been to your blog in a while... and it's one of my very favorites. Please accept my apologies. :)

john h said...

i've always thought that this was one time when they definitely played UP the side effects of a drug...i mean, one time you watch those commercials, you are gonna remember 4 freakin' hours.

I think I had one of those when i was about 13 and this Life magazine was delivered to my hands with a picture of Sophia Loren in a diaphonous gown that left little to the young lust-boy's imagination..

I still get a twinge just thinking about that picture..sadly, the twinge is several mites short of four hours..

newscoma said...

Think about the women.
Four hours.
I'm too old for that.
(Sorry, I know this is a family friendly blog, but gawsh)

sista smiff said...

Hutch...I know exactly the picture you're talking about.

I thought maybe I was missing something in life with this 4 hour thang. I knew y'all would clear that up for me.

Anonymous said...

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