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Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin

#2 woke me up early this morning wanting me to open the package of waffles. I tried to manuever the plastic in my half-sleeping state when #2 said "That Steve Irwin guy that wrestles crocodiles died." I thought he was kidding until I switched the channel to Channel 4 and sho nuff. I don't guess any of us are surprised he got hisself killed since he thrived on danger, but, I always figured a crocodile would get him, not a stingray.

All three of the Smiff Kids were sad to hear about ol' Steve. Steve was this generation's Marlin Perkins, kinda. They've been seeing him wrassle crocodiles all their lives.

#2's announcement this morning reminded me of January 2, 1974. I was a little younger than #2 is now, but, this was the day Tex Ritter died, suddenly of a heart attack. Our local news was not near as sophisticated as it is now with breaking news and all they did was have a voice announce it. I didn't really have a grasp of who Tex was at the time, but, I knew he was somebody my father knew. I went into the kitchen and told Mom and she thought I made it up.
Anybody who thrives on danger like Steve did asks to meet an early end, but, still...I always enjoyed watching him in action and listening to him talk.


Blogarita said...

I already commented on this elsewhere, but I was a bit sad to hear Steve Irwin died. He was crazy, but I kind of liked him.

grandefille said...

The difference between Steve Irwin and Marlin Perkins is that Marlin always had Jim Fowler off wrestling the giant anaconda while Marlin was back in the tent with a martini to tell you about Mutual of Omaha.

Once Marlin retired (did you know he was once bitten by a Gaboon viper? Kee-rispies!), Jim still did good stuff, just not as foolhardy. I always enjoyed seeing him when he brought some creature on to frighten Johnny Carson. He was always so calm and seemed to help keep the animals more calm.

Irwin, Gad rest'im, was an adrenaline junkie and sometimes just full-bore testosterone-poisoned nuts. (Such as when he carried his baby in the pen with the croc. I, on the other hand, would be arrested toute suite -- and should be -- if I put my niece in my car without her car seat.)

But he did good conservation work.

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