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Monday, September 25, 2006


I don't think I mentioned here that Twisted Mister, I mean Mr. Smiff and the Grascals will be playing at the World Famous Station Inn tomorrow night at 9:00, following an appearance on the Tuesday night Grand Ole Opry. Tomorrow is the first Opry appearance for the week cause they go back Saturday night to be on the televised portion.

I'll tell more about this Thursday,but, your Sista will be live blogging the IBMA Awards show for my friends at the Bluegrass Blog. Those guys might be sorry they let me do that. Those awards shows make me a little on the nutty side. I was so wigged out last year, I had to have a little alcoholic beverage and I'm not a drinker. If I feel the need to partake at the pre-awards reception for the nominees, it should be an interesting read. "Drunken Blogging With Sista Smiff." I can barely hold one beer so maybe it might be in the best interest to stick with Diet Something or another.

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J. said...

I am gonna personally deliver a beer to you!

Come see us in Grandpa Jones' dressing room - Hubby and the gang are due in at 8.

Plenty of fodder for blogging about.

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