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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ben Savage is NOT Dead

My site meter shows that I'm getting a ton of hits of people trying to find out if actor Ben Savage is dead.

I'm going to say this one more time...Ben Savage is not dead. If he were dead, he'd have been on the cover of People, The Star, all over every cheesy entertainment magazine that exists.

That poor boy of Anna Nicole Smith's did nothing to be famous, except for having the poor fortune to have been her kid and dang if I saw his last photos, supposedly taken minutes before he died, under strange circumstances, in a hospital room. So trust me, if Ben were no longer with us, we'd have had it in our faces and be sick and tired of the whole thing.

There was a rumor years ago that Jerry Mathers, aka "The Beaver" had died, as well as Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster. Both of those guys are still live and kicking, albeit, they've turned into middle aged guys that look like somebody's Paw Paw.

I haven't had this many random hits since I posted about Paul Eels death a couple months ago. I've had more hits from all over the country, including Hawaii, of people looking up Paul. I have a lot of new Arkansas readers because of that.


John H said...

Ben Savage, like moi, was born on September 13th. On my blog, when my blog was all about me, me me on the day of my birth, I listed all the famous people born on Sept. 13th...Mr. Savage topped the list.

Like you, I've been getting LOTS of hits from people wanting to know about Savage's 'death'. I was gonna tell em, but now I'll just refer them to the Savage author-i-tie...

Jerald said...

John h
One of those born on 9/13 that I would nominate for your list next year would be Mr. Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass.


john h said...

wow..I missed the king of bluegrass..I'm really not worthy!

thanks, Jerald.

appropriate 'catch' for this blog!

Sanjay said...

Hello how do you do He is a good man

free beats said...

Lol i cant believe people thought he was dead back then, what sparked that rumour?

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