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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dancing With Bloggers?

I don't care what anybody says, Tucker Carlson is cute. So what if he's not a dancer? Isn't that the whole idea behind Dancing With The Stars? The little guy from Saved By The Bell dances too good. He's boring. I want to see the ones that can barely tap their foot in time get out there and cut a rug.

To me, the real star of Dancing With the Stars tonight was the appearance by this guy, who also made a rare appearance at the Blogger Meet Up last Saturday not once, but, twice. It kinda spruced up the Pheedo Guy's presentation, I think.

I think a Dancing With Bloggers would make for some great television. We could pair Sarcastro with Busy Mom to do the Tango; John with Kay Brooks to do the Samba; CeeElCee with the Pheedo Guy to do the Waltz....Aunt B and Kleinheider would make a killer dance duo..the possibilities are just endless.


john h said...

As much as I may disagree with Ms. Brooks, I have too much respect for my fellow man and woman to foist my lack of dancing abilities on our Ms. Brooks. You have to understand that I have approximately 150 years of church of Christ genetics working against me here...even though I may disagree with the orthodox stance on the dance, my body apparently has C of C memory making me appear to the whitest guy on earth bouncing up and down like a stiff pencil..i've seen it in mirror, and it's ugly...Curse you, Alexander Campbell.

Kat said...

If you wanna see a blogger dance, you have to check out Pink Kitty

malia said...

I would love to see Aunt B & Kleinheider dance together!

I can see it now, she'd be tryin' to flash the boob freckle and he'd be all flushed in the face and tryin' to look anywhere but at her bosom.

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