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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Live Blogging-First Day As a Temporary Stay At Home Mom

My sister (who is also newly unemployed) was telling me yesterday how the dynamics are now that Rosie has invaded The View. Her thinking was that Joy Behar is not pleased.

So, now, Rosie is the "leader" of The View? Ick is what I say to that.

I used to love Rosie before she became the Angry Lesbian. I don't care if she lives with a woman or if she shacks up with a monkey. That is not of my concern. I like Rosie funny. As my friend, the great philosopher, Raymond E. Huffmaster, the Poet Laureate of Meridian, Mississippi,
would say; "Ka-lick-uh". As in change the channel.

And since when did they put Pat Robertson on at 10:00 in the morning on Channel 4? I'd rather watch Tony Danza than him. Pat makes those of us who claim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior look very bad. The man is senile. His son reminds me more of Al Franken's impression than it does Pat.

Bob Barker is still alive, holding that skinny microphone. Has Bob not been told yet that there's this really cool invention called the Wireless Microphone? I guess for a 102 year old, he'd be lost without his microphone.

Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Chris Cuomo and that new weather guy on GMA make for THE whitest morning quartet in daytime television. I say they bring back David Hartman and Joan Lunden.

I'm really pumped about the newest Tide laundry detergent.

Green Acres makes for nice, morning, SAHM television viewing. I just love that pig that watches tv. Eb was kinda cute in a retard sorta way.

I fixed a fabulous dinner last night for the Smiff Clan: Paula Deen's Pork Chops, homemade Macaroni and Cheese and Asparagus. Mr. Smiff was so thrilled, he asked what was on for today. I'm thinking we're going to go Italian with Mama Giordano's spaghetti or something like that. I love to make homemade spaghetti. My favorite part is the beginning where I saute the garlic in Olive Oil.


ceeelcee said...

SAHM?! I loved me some Doug Sahm in the Sir Douglas Quintet and the Texas Tornados.

Oh, stay at home mom? Never mind.

Vic said...

Sista, don't take this the wrong way, but "I love it that you're unemployed"!!

Rosie, Bob Barker, Pat Robertson, and Eb from Green Acres all in one blog?

I was hooked before, but I won't miss a Whiff now!

Linda said...

My favorite recipes start with olive oil, garlic, and onions...

Sista said...

Well, C..you will be pleased to know that early this morning, I listened to the Tornadoes version of "Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone" so it all relates.

Steve said...

Im sorry I didn't catch you before you left the office. I loved working and chatting with you :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh goody! Sista has more time to blog! I'm so happy. Can you watch Judge Judy for me? Love. Her.
I used the rose/violet Tide. I smell like an old person with body odor. Seriously.
Loved your chicken spaghetti casserole. Thanks for the recipe!
Regards! Lori, anonymous poster

SistaSmiff said...


I quietly eased my way out with my three boxes holding ten years worth of work stuff.

It was kindly sad for me.

Anonymous said...

There was a man rebellion at my house over the rose scented Tide. My MiL signed us up for a sample that came in the mail.

Wash some stuff of Mr. Smiffs in it so the guys on the bus will appreciate it.

It does make stuff smell like old lady.


SistaSmiff said...

I didn't get the rose smelling stuff because it struck me as having the old lady smell. I got the kind in the blue jug.

You'd be surprised at the number of Grascals who are clean freaks. Mr. Smiff is not included in that number.

Anonymous said...

I resemble that remark darling!

Mr Smiff said...

That was Mr Smiff with the last comment there.

Jerald said...

I am embarassed to say that after reading about Rosie, the word
"Ka-lick-uh" actually threw me for a loop trying to figure out you doing -THAT- connection, til I forced my eyes past it to the tv remote reference.....

Bob Barker got on my nerves way back when he was a much younger man.

As a three year veteran of not having a real job, I say to enjoy it as long as you want to and then get back in there before you decide that you DON'T want to go back, which has been my problem, though we cannot afford for me to have this philosophy -G-....
I have even taken tests for GREAT jobs similiar to what I did for 26 years and I mentally freeze up, thinking about actually having to get up and go into a job again... But now, after kicking the seat out of my own pants for my ignorance and finally getting a better attitude toward getting a real job, it seems that the market, my age or something....is not letting me get a good job now... So my advice would be to throughly enjoy it for a while and then get back out of the house into a job, if you know that this is eventually what you want to do...

But do enjoy for a while.


Kathy T. said...

Judge Judy IS good, as is People's Court. I'll watch those with my MIL sometimes. But we LOVE Montel. Especially when Sylvia Browne is on with all her freaky, goofy predictions. You should tune in to Montel Wednesday mornings at 9:00. Enjoy!

malia said...

I totally agree with you about Rosie. I watched her all the time and then she got all soapbox-y and angry and not funny any more and I was actually pretty glad to see her say good-bye to talk television. I can't even bring myself to watch The View now.

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