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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mr. Smiff Hits The Mothership

One good thing about being unemployed is that I had the rare opportunity to spend a day out with Mr. Smiff. It was quite romantic.

We stopped by the Hairdo Place and got haircuts. Mr. Smiff didn't get much in the way of style, but, I did. I wish I could make my hair look like this everyday.

Then, Mr. Smiff got his first taste of the Mothership. I was pretty excited to take him there, for he is a North Carolina boy that was raised around some good barbecue. His family raised hogs, for heavens sake...he knows what would be good and what wouldn't be. These were the exact words upon tasting the barbecue and ribs:

"This beats the shit out of Whitts."

My man may not have the fancy words, but, he do know what he's talking about. It was great there today, but, there I had me a good hairdo and there was no Dr. Funkenswine in sight. The new girl up front claimed he was there but I never saw him.

Mr. Smiff loved the bathrooms, too. Those ribs were smokin' today, as usual.


Jerald said...

I have intended to partake at the Mothership the very next time I am in Nashville, just from all the mouth watering referals you have given out, -if- there was any time between the music.

But now there is now no way that I will not grab me a rib or two, after this great endorsement from Mr Smiff..


WonderDawg said...

Did you by chance "accidently" leave a Whiff of Smiff?

ps word verification is: fogzqt

john h said...

I hope that Jim adopts Mr. Smiff's statement as his official business motto...why pay a professional for advertising copy when you get the straight poop from Mr. S!

SistaSmiff said...

Something else Mr. Smiff said is that Dr. Funkenswine's was the best barbecue he had ever had in Nashville. So there.

Mr.Smiff said...

Yes, I would advise everyone to board the Mothership and partake in a little hog flesh. Dr. Funkenswine does have a way with the pig!............Mr. Smiff

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