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Friday, September 22, 2006

Enlightenment (Warning: Heavy, Middle of the Night Subject)

Washing dishes by hand sucks. I want my dishwasher. It is perhaps the best invention ever.

I am not one who washes my dishes before they go into the dishwashing machine. They go in pretty much as is. I know people who do the whole washing routine before they go in. Not me. They come out clean as a whistle. Every once in awhile, I might have to run something through again or there might be a little spot of dried something on a plate, but, rarely. They make them so good now, they grind stuff up really good.

My mother doesn't have a dishwasher anymore. She did while I was growing up and did until she moved into the stepfather's house (that sounds nawty doesn't it? Trust me, it wasn't). It's just her now so I suppose washing dishes for one isn't so horrible.

Mr. Smiff has an aunt that doesn't have nor desire a dishwasher and everytime we visit, she spends the entire time washing dishes for all the people that tend to gather at her house. That one baffles me.

I guess I'm spoiled. I like my dishwasher and want it noooooooooow. We're hopefully going to get one sometime over the weekend. I'm kinda partial to the ones they make now that have the silverware basket in the door. The new Smiff Dishwasher also must be in Bisque since the other appliances are that color. I would hate to make a potential fashion faux pas and get a black or stainless steel one and it clash with the others.


ceeelcee said...

What color is bisque? I'm picturing peachy pink. And shuddering.

Get some sleep.

malia said...

My parents got a new dishwasher recently with the utensil basket in the drawer, very cool! And you know, in these electic design days, it seems to me that all the applicances don't neccesarily have to match each other. If you like the black or chrome, get that, I think either of those would compliment bisque colored appliances.

J. said...

when I order lobster bisque it's sort of a dark ivory. I have never heard it as a color however.

I don't have a dishwasher. But I'm raising one. ;-)

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