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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wal Martin'

Mr. Smiff is gone today so I knew I had to get my SAHM hiney in gear and get something accomplished today. There is much to be done at the Casa de Smiff. I have a hard time getting stuff done when everybody's here. I'm pleased with me for what I got done today and plan on tomorrow being as fruitful.

One thing I love about being home during the day is if you have to go to the grocery store or Wal Mart,(I love how some people call it "Wal Marts") there's not oodles of crowds to fight. I also like going without one of the Smiff Kids.

This desire to have an enjoyable trip to the store midday took me to my local Super Wal Mart today. I was blessed, as you will be, as it was a good day to go to Wal Mart, for there was a celebrity sighting.

I was checking out and happened to notice one T. G. Sheppard standing in front of Customer Service. I figured his lady friend, Kelly Lang, must be lurking about because he had that look that the menfolk get when they're waiting on us to get something done in public.

Now first of all, I have to say, oncet upon a time, T. G. Sheppard was sma-okin' hawt and I think he could still be. Back in the 80's, T. G. (his real name is "Bill". Heh.) was making wimmin all over the US of A get all hot and bothered singing about the Slow Burn and asking us through song Do You Wanna Go To Heaven, Party Time, Last Cheater's Waltz and my personal favorite T.G. song, War Is Hell On The Homefront Too. When that song came out, I loved it. I thought it had a good beat and was easy to dance to. I didn't know the song was about a lonely woman with a husband off at war, having a Tho-down with the grocery delivery boy.

Anyway, the Teege was hot in his day. The sad thing about T. G. is he has not accepted the fact that he is no longer 40 anymore. He had on rather short, loose shorts and his wig was just as un-natural looking as a black lady with platinum blonde hair. He seems to have an affinity for makeup, thinking it makes him look younger. Guess what? It doesn't and it's really sad. If he'd just be hisself, I bet you the farm he would look a LOT better. Remember when Paul Simon finally gave up and quit wearing his wig? Paul has never been what I'd consider hawt but wigless, he looks much better, as I bet T. G. and any other wig wearing feller would.

So apparently Kelly was returning something and T. G. was waiting nicely on her and she turned and looked at him and they got to giggling about something. Probably an inside joke, but, it was sweet. In spite of the fact that T. G. is old enough to be her daddy and he needs to lose the wig and makeup and be himself, they are a sweet couple. Kelly looked really good. She has been dealing with breast cancer the last year or two and has had more than one round of chemo.

Kelly is one of those singers that has been around forever. I can remember when I was a teenager, she was singing locally here. She is a lovely girl (she's a few years older than me, therefore, she's a girl) and could've been a big star had some major label worked with her. It's so weird how the music business works.


newscoma said...

It makes me laugh when people say Wal Marts as well.
We have a new one in my hometown in the west. It opened last month. I still haven't been.
I can't help it, Wally World gives me the vapors.

Blogarita said...

I didn't know the song was about a lonely woman with a husband off at war, having a Tho-down with the grocery delivery boy.

Ever read the book "Summer of '42"? It has the exact same plot.

Ginger said...

Ok, Sista...I will make 2 Bee Gees references from this post:
a) First of all, I will forever be jealous of Kelly Lang for getting to sing "Islands In The Stream" w/ Barry Gibb at the Tornado Relief Concert in H'ville.
b) Robin Gibb needs to lose his piece and let the breeze blow on his bald head. Why do men think it looks good?????

Miz Smiff said...

Yeah, and I will be forever kicking myself for not running over to Hendersonville High School the night of that show to see Barry in person. What was I thinking?

Robin had him an almost decent wig at one point. Poor feller...to have brothers as purty as his and he looks...like that.

Jerald said...

I am ashamed that I do not reconize the name or remember that beautiful gal from my musical watching past....What is wrong with me....
I don't know if I would have recognized Mr Browder in Wal-Mart... though I do remember seeing him live a time or two a long while back. Definitely did not know he was one of those anti-peta people wearing those dead animals on his head...
I always thought Hank Snow was the prime candidate for first place honors in looking bad with one.

Do I have it wrong or did Robin still not look much better than Maurice....

Ah, 'Summer of 42'. I am old enough to have lusted ever so much over whatever her name was from the movie when it came out...and also old enough to have forgotten her name...-grin-

And now, that theme song will probably put me to sleep tonight and wake me up in the morning...


ceeelcee said...

Where did we get into Bee Gees talking about T.G.?

Now T.G. got him some blue eyed soul. Was he wearing as Hawaiian shirt that barely covered his belly? That's how he looked the last few times I saw him.

p.s. Barry Gibb actually had a Hawaiian barely covering his belly the last time I saw him. Bad CLC.

Sista said...

I think it came from talking about Kelly who organized the benefit in Hendersonville and got to sing with Barry.

Now now Jerald...Maurice was as cute as a bug. Bald, but, cute nevertheless. Mo was also the brother that kinda ran everything with their stage show and in the studio and he added that key third harmony part which made their sound. He tended to be the stabilizer and kept Barry and Robin from killing each other.

free beats said...

another great read.

Anonymous said...

Went to TG Shepard concert last night. Well done, great voice.

I thought he looked good for his age, but I was a little distance away. The wig is unnatural, I was wondering if he had some kind of plastic surgery, no wrinkles either.

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