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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Pitter Patter of Little Paisley's

I watched part of Father of the Bride II this past Sunday on TBS. It's an ok movie. One of those movies you can watch when nothing else is on. I think the first installment of the remake of this little series, Father of the Bride, was a lot better.

The original FOB was fantastic, with Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor and the sequel to that one, Father's Little Dividend, was great. Anything with Spencer Tracy is great though. He could've been in something like Jackass and it would've been a classic.

Anyway, as I suffered through the ridiculousness that is Father of the Bride II, I was looking at Kimberly Williams with her little pregnancy pillow on and I got to thinking "I wonder if Kimberly and Brad [Paisley] are going to have children?"

Brad has been a good friend of Hazel's since he started getting famous. He calls her all the time from here and yonder and I believe he will be appearing on Hazel's new show Southern Fried Flicks soon. Even though they're big buddies, I have yet to meet the father-to-be. Maybe I could give him some baby advice. That is, if I can remember. I'm so strapped in Teen Hell at the moment, I have to remind myself these two were once cute little toddlers drawing on the wall with Sharpies and stuff.

I was reading in some blog yesterday (sorry I don't remember who it was or I'd link it) but the writer is a mother of four and was talking about how people ask her pregnancy/baby advice all the time and she has a hard time remembering details.

I'm sorta like that at times. I have been pregnant a total of 27 months and spent ten years changing diapers and carrying a little one on my hip. I love children, but, I'm not one of these that has to touch and hold every little person I see. I got wo' out from living on Sesame Street. I do kinda miss Mr. Rogers a little bit. I'm at the point now when I see pregnant women, I feel sorry for them and say "Woo hoo...glad that ain't me."

The mean part of Sista Smiff is secretly hoping Kimmy gets a stomach full of stretch marks.


Blogarita said...

That's sure to be one cute little kid, though.

J. said...

oh... you just CAN'T be mean around those two. They are just the absolute NICEST beautiful people in Hollywood.

I'm so happy for them! Funny thing is, when Brad had his #1 party last week at the Adventure Science Center and invited us all to bring our kids, we were joking in the studio - bet the big announcement will be that they're pregnant!

It wasn't, but I'm glad to know we were right anyway. :D

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