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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday at Wolfy's

I made it down to the Blogger Meet up at Wolfy's. Because I was a little slow in getting going, I didn't get to spend much time viztin with everybody (that's why I go to those things). I had to actually sit still and (gasp) listen while people talked.

Michael Rosenblum was fantastic. I about jumped out of my seat when he was telling how he and his former wife created Trauma: Life in the ER and that whole slew of shows. Mr. Smiff forever makes fun of my loving to watch that show. When he's watching wrestling and I indicate I don't wish to partake in that sort of viewing, he'll say something like "Oh, let's watch somebody bleed on one of your shows." Rosenblum was highly interesting and entertaining.

One thing I learned from the day is that I'm not a "real" blogger because I didn't have my laptop there, liveblogging the presentation. I did not know "real" bloggers only blog from laptops. Hmmm. Interesting. (I do want one thought)

Now, the important part...who did I see at the meetup? First, I made the unwise choice to not bring a camera because I figured there'd be enough there to document the day. I thought for sure Kerry Woo would be there, but, he was flying off somewhere on a plane. I missed him and his camera, but, to see the picture of Kerry in a Cheesehead hat made up for the fact that he was not there.

I finally got to meet Ivy. She was the first blogger I ever emailed with. She is quite adorable and I was thrilled to meet her.

Christian Grantham, aka "The Ultra Hip and Cool Channel 2 Producer" is one I've had linked for awhile and love to read. What a nice guy! Go read him.

B-Dub, my fellow Hendersonvillian was easy to spot. I gotta say though, his picture on his site doesn't do him justice. He is drop-dead handsome, ladies, and it seems that he is single.

While we were sitting and behaving during the presentation, I leaned over and asked CeeElCee "Who is the guy in the Keith Richards t-shirt?" "That", said my best blogger friend, "Is John...Hutch.....of Salems Lots." I was thrilled to meet John. John is one of the scads of bloggers who so eloqently blog political. I admire all the political bloggers. I don't always agree with all they write about, but, their ability to be able to write about it so intelligently impresses the heck out of me. John is fantastic at it. What a nice feller.

I met Pink Kitty (who the more I looked at the more I thought I either knew from somewhere or maybe she just looked like somebody I know). I got to say howdy to the famous Kay Brooks as well.

I was quite pleased to formally meet Sarcastro. I saw him across the crowded room the last time we were at Wolfy's, but, never got to him. Gosh, since I saw him, he's done gotten married and become a dad.

I got to see my girls; Kathy T., Malia, Katherine Coble, and Aunt B and missed some of the other girls who couldn't make it. Saturday mornings must not be the best time for a blog get together, but, I'm sure it was at that time to accomodate Mr. Rosenblum.

I'm sure I missed something or somebody. Something I purposely stayed away from was the fantastic table of food that the nice people at Channel 2 laid out. I looked at it and inspected it, but, decided it wasn't worth the points. Yay me.


john h said...

funny..I was sitting with Sarcastro and I leaned over to him during one the slower moments of the meeting, and said..who is that woman sitting in front of CeeLcee, and he said...D'oh..it's Sista Smiff..I was pretty sure it was either you or Bz mom...

Your pic is nice, but you are better looking in person (as in, you really look nice!)

Once again..it was totally my pleasure to finally meet you.

B-Dub said...

I'm definitely blushing!! If there wasn't a Mr. Smiff...

And I thought the same thing about Pink Kitty! She looks very familiar.

Sonia said...

I really hope to meet you one day Sista. Maybe i'll make it to one of these blogger meetings.

webslog said...

Always beware when bloggers start referring to them(our)selves in the clannish third person. An adaptation of the imperial third person (e.g. "We are not amused." or "We accept your grovelling, Dorcestschire. Now have the decency to nip off and have yourself beheaded. We have tired of you and your mincing") the clannish third person takes an individual's skewed view of something they're passionate about and spins it out into a sweeping generality ... "we always take our laptops with us" or "we think that Belle Meade is ideal blogfodder ... rich old white people living in expensive houses and buying white bread and SqweeziCheese at the Krogers." Now if you'll excuse us, we have an appointment with destiny. Ta.

Anonymous said...


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