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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sista Smiff Annoyances

I hate when you're in a conversation with somebody and you are telling them something and the person you're speaking to says "Ok" after each pause. I'd much prefer an 'Uh-huh" than an "ok."

I also hate it when you're talking to somebody and they get a kleenex or a handkerchief and just start going to town in their nose, as if you weren't there. Can you possibly wait a minute to pick your nose? Must you do it in front of me?


Short and Fat said...

The whole snot-factor thing is even more annoying when folks feel the need to examine their nasal secretions.

WonderDawg said...

I hate it when people clip their fingernails in public.

One time, I made a sales call where the receptionist was clipping her toenails. Not the first time I've run into this occurrence...


SistaSmiff said...

I used to work next to an older guy who would clip his fingernails. I finally informed him he was grossing me out and to quit it.

malia said...


I'll remember that next time, ::pauses to blow her nose::, we get to talk in person.


Anonymous said...

My pet nasal peeve is when, after eating, someone feels the need to -honk at the geese flying overhead-, with no concern that -I- and the rest of the morning crowd, am amongst those not through eating. I have actually horribly and loudly cussed out one regular honker in a Hardees one morning. I just finally getting tired of throwing part of my bacon/egg buscuit away, after losing my appetite one time too many.


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