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Monday, September 25, 2006

Dishwashers and Hell

If you've been following the saga of the passing of the Smiff Dishwasher last week (may it rest in peace), you can sleep well tonight because there is a new dishwasher on its way.

I did my research on dishwashers and decided to go back to whence I came and went with Sears since the Kenmore we had performed so nicely all that time. I got tickled at Mr. Smiff testing the salesman on the whys and how to's of dishwasher installation and we came to the conclusion that the Sears Guy did not know diddly shit about dishwashers.

While at the mall, the Daughter was pumped to go spend some birthday money and a gift card. The store that she had a gift card for, Hot Topic, appeared to be the sort of establishment where Satan himself lives. Nothing but t shirts and crap with skulls on it. I think my favorite t-shirt was the one with the symbol for satanism on it. I was really hoping my beautiful baby girl would choose that one. I'd have been one proud mother, for sure.

I would prefer spending a day locked inside Abercrombie anyday over the Hell Store. I don't know why somebody thought this was the store for the daughter. She told Mr. Smiff as we approached Hell Store, "Now Dad, this is an Emo and Goth store" to which this Star of Bluegrass replied " A WHAT store?" I don't think either word meant a thing to him.He sat outside while the Daughter perused the aisles of skull paraphanalia, body piercing jewelry, tattoo magazines...

The only two things in the entire store that I would have bought was a Willie Nelson t-shirt and a copy of Johnny Cash's autobiography, which I have already read. I guess Cash is something of a patron saint of the Goth and Emo kids. I wondered if the girl working there had any idea that the Cash book that she was selling told of Johnny Cash's deep, persnal, relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ AND had pictures of Billy Graham in it?

I was quite relieved when the daughter said to me "There is nothing i want here. Let's go to American Eagle." Thank you, Lord.

It will be about a week before the new dishwasher is delivered and installed though. That means another week of washing dishes by hand. Have I mentioned how much that sucks?


newscoma said...

I bought a Johnny Cash T-shirt at Hot Topic at the beginning of the summer.
So there was something for my 40 year old hiney.
I even wore it today.
Of Course, the nieces aren't allowed to go because they always pick up stuff that sort of weirds me out.

Anonymous said...

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