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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yoga + Sista = Wrongness

This is why I don't do Yoga. Sure's I'm a Sista, that is what would happen to me if I were to ever go to a yoga class.

M is for the many things my mother gave me. Besides the square, flat butt and no visible waist line (Mr. Smiff once tried to convince me I had the same sort of build, pre-children, as a young Esther Williams. HA! Liar.) unexpected explosions fall under the catgegory of Stuff I Inherited From The Sullivan Clan That I Wish I Wouldn't Have...along with low self esteem, allergies, thick eyebrows and short legs.

Yet, I smile anyway.


Jerald said...

Now, Sista.. it has been a whole year since I met you and I am so senile, that I am not sure that I would actually recognize you again if you were standing in Walmart with Mr Browder, unless Mr Smiff was with you. But I do remember that the only thing 'wrong' with you would have to be your low esteem. ( I did not see you sneezing or dripping from anything allergic.) So quit being like MY wife and stop putting yourself down...-GRIN-

But this gal, does she do anything regularly like this...is this type thing a regulary show on E! ? At first I thought she was just being Stupid and that was what the S Factor came from....But then after reading the comments on that page and thinking bout it a little, I realized that I was right instead of thinking it supposedly being comedy....-GRIN-

Ah, well.

SistaSmiff said...

Oh great....thanks Jerald...you've made me even MORE self conscious by saying my poor self image is so obvious.

Jerald said...

Now quit that. And I hope you are mentally messing with me now. I did not notice or know of a low self esteem til I read it on here.

My reply implied that the mental part would have to be your flaw, as I could not see a physical flaw.

That was a compliment on how I remember you looked, in contrast to what you were saying about yourself in your post.

And if you ain't just messing with me, I am getting in deeper with every word.


Kat said...

Bit of trivia...

The Sheila Kelley who was the instructor in that video is married to the guy who plays Toby on The West Wing.

chrisyub said...

Chelsea kills me. I never try to drink anything while I'm watching her show. Thanks for the giggle sista.

sista said...

I was being facetious, Jerald.

That Chelsea is hysterical. That's the kinda show I need to host.

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