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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Times Haven't Changed

Two thirteen year old girls...one in 2006, one in 1982.

Being the mother of a nearly 15 year old and now a 13 year old, I hear lots of interesting stuff. Just when I find myself at my wits end in dealing with them, something happens that reminds me of when I was that age and that we're not totally living on different planets.

There has been a rumor floating around My Space that Ben Savage, younger brother of Fred, known for his role on Boy Meets World was killed in a car accident. My son tells me last night "Mom...Corey Matthews died." (Who the hell is Corey Matthews? Ah, the character on Boy). Then, this morning, the daughter says "Momm-eh....Ben Savage died." Even 8 year old #2 got in on the action.

Apparently, Ben Savage is alive and well. I am glad. I was always partial to Big Brother Fred, who was on The Wonder Years as that precious Kevin Arnold.

Why is it kids like to make up stuff like this? It's nothing new. When I was in 7th grade (same grade my daughter is in now) the big rumor that went around was that Belinda Carlisle, from the Go Go's, had overdosed and died. We didn't have the internet then and I have no clue how it got started. I was so relieved Belinda wasn't dead because I loved me some Go Go's.

This whole Ben Savage thing reminds me of how crappy middle school can be for another reason. 7th grade, I had this thing all year for Andrew Savage. I mean...I dug him. Finally, when summer came, we got to talking on the phone a little bit. (to me, that was serious business. He was probably just being nice) Then, I went off to church camp and my best friend moved in on my man. I laugh now and say "That's 13 year olds for you" but boy, at the time, I was crushed. Not so much at him, but, at my best friend. She was this beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde and I ......was not. She had no trouble getting the attention of the male set.

Oddly enough, this best friend, who I had been friends with since we were 4....we were never close again. Maybe that was just the regular course of things, but, I always thought it had to do with that stupid boy, who was, like, not all that.....We did resume communication though and even though I haven't seen her for years, we do email from time to time.

Oh no...I'm surrounded by Middle School drama and I'm reverting. It all just shows how with parenting, you get to relive your Sesame Street phase and your Awkward Phase.


Blogarita said...

I saw Belinda Carlisle just a few days ago on TV. She's "pushing 50" (her exact words) is no longer into "prom queen on acid" fashions (again, her words...LOL!)

J. said...

This post allows me to share my own pre-teen drama du jour... because if I put it on my own blog and my daughter someday found it she'd be, like.. so totally embarrassed! (meant to be read in your best valley girl accent.)

So anyway, my 9 year old daughter came home from a friend's house yesterday and said "Faith said that since I don't wear a bra yet, I'm a late bloomer, and late bloomers are special."

Miss Faith is 8, just because she has boobs and my tall skinny toothpick of a daughter does not, is no cause for calling her a late bloomer.

Both girls still believe in Santa.

Frank Strovel III said...

I see you're already aware of www.snopes.com but there is also www.truthorfiction.com to help dispel (or confirm) those internet myths.

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