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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sista's Scrapbook

Some pictures from awards night. Producer J gives a fantastic rundown of things behind the scenes so go read that. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of J that night. Way to go, Sista. I also failed to photograph my Bluegrass Blog friends.

Two Grascal Princesses: The pretty little one belongs to Jimmy Mattingly and the one in the pretty, blue dress belongs to us.

Two Hazels....Hazel Smith and the legendary Hazel Dickens. I was pretty awed to meet her.

The Cleavers aka The Smiffs. Mr. Smiff looks like he's passing gas here... And he looks as though he's aiming it at me. I wish my pretty skirt was showing here. It was a shiny, dark green and had this black, lacy stuff over it. My feet were already hurting here.

Peter Cooper is perhaps the hottest journalist in town. He writes well, but, he's also easy on the old eyes. I love to say his name like I'm British...Petah Coopah. Here, he's getting a quote from Ricky Skaggs.

Vince looks great, but, y'all...I don't know if he's taking medication, drinking or what...I hope there's not trouble in paradise. He's never had a reputation for being a drinker or drug user, but, his behavior of late makes you wonder. I hope everything's ok there. Oh...the cutie with him is the wonderful Steve Wariner. What a nice feller.

The most wonderful Kyle Cantrell interviews Mr. Smiff after the big win. "I owe it all to my wife" he was heard to say. Not really.

So, anybody who says Mr. Smiff doesn't smile, take a peek at this. True, he rarely smiles big, toothy, Guy Smiley smiles, but, I love it when he does. This was right after they won.

I'll put the rest on my Flickr and watch the Grascals website for more photos.


chrisyub said...

I would love to see another pikchah of petah coopah akshully.

Super cool pictures.

I trust you gave Steve my best.

Awed as usual,

sista said...

Petah Cooper is hot. He has the most beautiful eyes. He was on The Tonight Show not long ago with Todd Snider. You'd dig him.

newscoma said...

Thank you.
Sister Homer, mine, used to work at the Bluebird and she always said that Vince was an interesing guy.
Go Smiffs!

Franklin friend said...

Enjoyed the Grascals on the Opry tonight. How about that standing ovation?

Kathy T. said...

Wanted to let you know that although I'm not into country music, I've always loved bluegrass. And because of your "tip" I watched the Opry tonight! LOVED IT! And wow Mr. Smiff and the Grascals were AWESOME!

J. said...

Peter Cooper

: drool :

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